About Us

Praanik, is a brand of Om Ahinsak Products created in 2015. It is inspired from the #StopSlaughtering campaign and #NoAnimalProducts movement held under the guidance of Jain Muni Shri Vinitsagarji Maharaj and Jain Muni Shri VinamraSagarji Maharaj Saheb’s Jivdaya (Ahinsa) project. Most of the products on the market are adulterated with animal matter or tested on animals.

In Praanik, we have a strict policy of no testing on animal and manufacturing products which are 100% VEG. 

Our Mission

 Enabling farmers to become self-reliant and distribution of pure and Satvik products, creating awareness about health. Promotion of natural lifestyle complete with physical, mental, and spiritual well being by offering quality goods at an affordable cost and promoting vegetarianism.